About Me

I am a Virtual Assistant. I have an Administrative Assistant/Secretary certificate from Stratford Career Institute (SCI) and have worked with both company systems and Microsoft. I have wanted to be a Virtual Administrative Assistant for many years now, but have only recently started to chase my dream. As a mother to both human and furry babies, it is a great way for me to be able to do something I love and take it with me on the go but also spend time with my babies.

My little human will be starting school soon, my furry baby is also a big suck and sometimes requires my attention, so a flexible schedule would be preferable but not a must. Now a little more information on my qualifications…

In my past positions, I have served as a customer service representative which included many tasks from data entry, to answering multiple phone lines, to secretary services, a supervisor, providing information, answering questions and entering all information into the company systems. My reputation as a competent team member who always gets the job done comes from my ability to work cross-functionally and multi-task various responsibilities such as answering all questions, both from customers and peers, data entering in many programs and helping management when extra reinforcements where needed.

The most important skill I pride myself on that will greatly fit this role is that I am resourceful and a great multi-tasker. My experience has taught me the importance of being proactive and adapt as situations arise. I have learned that having technical proficiency in entering data both in company systems and Microsoft helps make my job a lot easier because I would have direct access to the data rather than going through another employee. I pick things up quickly. I have been able to learn multiple systems in a short time, and have been able to help others with both systems and other issues. I’ve learned that work no longer seems like a job to me when I can juggle multiple projects and can anticipate needs before they become problems – that’s when I’m at my best.

I am excited about this opportunity and how I can contribute my skills and talents to making your office run as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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