A few tips

How do you avoid the tired spells when sitting at your desk for long periods? Well, I will give you some of the tricks I use to keep me awake and going…without drinking a whole pot of coffee a day. First, I try to get 20-30 minutes of exercise in first thing in the morning before I even sit at my desk – well after I check my email anyway. Second, I eat lots of fruits and veggies. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat “not so healthy food” once in awhile, but if I’m working I try very hard to stay away. The grease just makes you tired and sluggish. Third, even with my exercise in the morning I still get up at least once ever couple hours or so just to stretch my legs, move around and wake myself up. I know sometimes its hard to pull yourself away from your work, but I find it’s much easier to focus and concentrate when you’ve had that little bit of movement. Just make sure you’ve saved or locked your computer if you have little ones around! Don’t want little fingers messing up hours of work in the few short minutes your away from your desk. The last tip I have for you today is, drink lots of water. I know it can make you get up more to use the washroom, but it also adds to the getting up and moving part I mentioned earlier. It also helps your body to work better. I know another cup of coffee can just seem so tempting, but why not limit the amount of coffee and drink water instead. If you want proof, just click the link. There are many benefits to drinking water, so dive right in (pun intended) and do a little research. If you’re not a water drinker now, you just might be after this.


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