Managing your time

Time management is another very important part of being a virtual assistant. In most cases, you are working with very little to no supervisor, so you must be good at managing your own time. I like to use the rule “Do what is due first”. I like to keep a list and a planner. I know it’s more work to keep 2 lists but for me this way I have a list with just all the tasks and assignments and a planner that gives me the day to day. When I get given a new task or assignment I add it to the list, but I put the list in order of when things are due. I do my list on the computer, that way it’s easier to add stuff between other projects that are already on the list that is needed sooner than others. As tasks or assignments are completed, I “mark” them off the list. The only time I go out of order is if there is one assignment that needs to be done before the first one can be done.

Of course, I always try to have tasks and assignments done before they are due, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. Another way I help myself stay on track is to keep a planner with all assignments marked in the time slot above when its due, that way most of the time I will have it done about 1 hour before its due. I find it’s easier to give yourself a little extra time too in case of changes or alterations. There are always those times when what you did doesn’t perfectly match up with what your employer wanted, or wants something changed after looking at it.

Something else I do is always have time scheduled into my planner for my family. I know some say you should always just be there, but sometimes it is hard. You get distracted with an assignment, or what you’re doing, and before you know it you’ve been working hours past when you wanted and you’re so tired all you want to do is go to sleep. The only time I will go outside my schedule is if I have an assignment that can not wait. It has to be done!


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