Beware of Scammers

There are a lot of people out there just waiting to get your information or get you to do something so they can get a pay out. Beware of Scammers when looking for a Virtual job. A lot of sites you will go to there will be at least 1 or 2 scammers looking for people they can get to do their bidding. A few tips I have collect for you are; If they are not willing to video chat, or meet you in person if you are local to each other then be cautious. Most scammers will not video chat because then you can report them and you can get a picture of them to the police. They want to stay anonymous.  That is how they are getting away with it. If they don’t get you to sign an agreement before you start working, be careful. It may sound like common sense but you want to protect yourself just as an employer would want to protect them self. If they don’t ask you to sign an agreement there is no layer of protection for either of you. If they try to get you to cash a check for anything without signing an employment agreement first or through PDF, be careful. There are no PDF checks that I know of that any bank will accept. The only checks a bank will accept are real checks that would have to be mailed to you. If they are trying to send you a check for anything (eg. Office equipment) without having an employment agreement signed then odds are they are going to scam you. They would not send someone money without protecting their investment. You wouldn’t try to hire someone to do a job and just hand over money without having an agreement signed; they would have no layer of protection for themselves. Lastly, do your own research. Look at what kind of online presence they have. Do they have a website (either business or personal)? Did they provide you the company name? Can you find the company anywhere online? Get a phone number for the company. Can you find it in the directory listed under the correct name or business? Keep vigilant. Don’t think “Oh they seem very nice and not the type of person to scam anyone.” That’s exactly what they want you to think so you won’t think twice about what they are going to ask you to do. Keep your eyes open. If something doesn’t sound right, odds are it’s not.


Good luck on your hunt.


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