Updating your Resume

There are some great resources to help with writing your resume and making sure it looks great. I have a few tips and sites for you that I have found useful in updating mine. When I started re-doing my resume for Virtual Administrative Assistant, I started with my Summary of Qualifications. Because I already had a resume done up and was just updating it, I had something to work with already. So, I looked over the qualifications I had listed and kept only the ones that listed relevant content to the position I was going to be applying for. I added any experience that would be considered part of the job such as computer skills, customer service skills, that I have worked in a faced paced environment and so on. With these, a potential employer would have a basic understand of what I have dealt with in my previous employment and what I would be able to bring to the position. Next, I looked at my Work Experience. If you have had various jobs in the last few years, then you’re not going to want to add them all. That would make for a very long resume, and you don’t want all that masking the positions that would have given you skills to help in your Virtual Assistant position. So only keep jobs that have added to skills a Virtual Assistant is going to need. If you have had a few jobs that were the same type of position, then only list the one(s) that give the most benefit for the position you’re going for now. Next, I did Education and Training. I listed all education and training I have taken over the last 10 years or so. I added stuff like School, self-lead tutorials, and courses I have taken. Again, I have listed only the ones that would be relevant to the job I am applying for now. I would use the rule 5-10. If you have only done 5-10 education and training courses, then I would list them all. It would show your potential employer that you are trying to better yourself. If you have done more then 10, then I would only list the ones relevant to the position. It’s nice to show off everything you have accomplished, but you don’t want to put just anything and everything either. You want to keep your resume down to 1 or 2 pages at the most. If you have your resume too long, they probably will not look at it all, and there could be something important that is missed that would greatly qualify you for the position you’re applying for. Last, References. I don’t usually put them on my resume itself. I put at the bottom References Available Upon Request. You can add them if you’d like, but I feel if they are interested in you, they will contact you to ask for them, and it will make your resume that much longer.


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