Having great organization is no something everyone is great at. So, I have a few tips I use that may help you. First, as mentioned in a previous blog post I use calendars to organize all my projects and appointments. I look at my calendars first thing every day for that day and the next(Yes, I use more than one). That way I know exactly what needs to be done that day and the next, so if I get ahead of schedule and can start working on the next project, I will. A great calendar to use for online appointment bookings in Simply Book Me. I have an ongoing list of all projects in order of when they are due that I also look at daily. I keep this on a rotation, so once a project is completed, I can check it off. I also have all my contacts saved in various places. I like to be very well prepared and have a backup of all my stuff, that way if anything happens, or a system is down or under maintenance, I’m not left stranded waiting for the system to come back up. For anything that needs to be printed off and filed, I keep a file folder on my desk beside me. Everyone will arrange this differently, but this way nothing gets lost or damaged. I have my printer and extra paper very close by, as well as plenty of pens and pencils. Even though your work will primarily be done on a computer, it’s a good idea to keep paper and pens handy. You never know when you may need to jot something down really quick. I have dedicated file folders on my desktop as well. I have each one labeled for that specific person or project. Anything that needs to be saved to my computer gets put in the corresponding folder on my desktop. That way, I know exactly where it is and it doesn’t get lost somewhere else. The last tip I have is all my passwords and log-ins are written down in my book. That way I will never lose another password again. With everything having log-ins and passwords and using different ones for everything it is sometimes hard to keep track of them all. This way, they are secure. I don’t save them on my computer because well, the computer word is not as secure as some think.

I hope these tips have helped. 🙂


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