Organization Part 2

In my previous post, I gave some tips on organization, this one will be more organization tips for files, contacts, email and calendars. For files, as stated in the last post, I have different file folders right on my desktop for each individual thing. For example, I have different folders for my blog post, different freelance clients and classes or training I do. Whenever I save something, I save it to the corresponding file folder, that way when I am looking for a document or content for that client or project I can easily find it. If I know I must send something and I am doing the document in Microsoft Word, I will save it twice, once in Word format, and another in PDF format. It saves time when it needs to be sent because it will already be saved in the format I must send it in.

Email is straight forward. I have an email I use for personal use, and an email I use associated with my TEVA Services business. I use my personal email for anything that I would consider not work-related or personal use. I use my TEVA Services email for everything business. I have it linked to everything, from my website to my TEVA Services Facebook and Twitter accounts. For me its easier to have everything business related going directly to that email and everything personal going to my other one. I have different file folders in my email as well depending what the emails are for, they get saved in the corresponding folder. If I don’t need to save the email, then I just delete it. There is no sense in saving stuff that is no longer needed. I also go through my folders and junk mail for both accounts on a regular basis. For my folders, I go through and delete anything I no longer need. This will cause less confusion and not take up space for something I no longer need. As for my junk folder, this will minimize the chances I will accidentally delete something I need to hang onto or need to see.

Also, touched on in my last post, I have my clients and contacts saved in a few different places. This way if a program or system is down or updating, I’m not stranded waiting for it to come back up for me to get in contact with that client or person. I have a contact list saved on my SD card in my phone, in my email and a Mail Chimp account. That way no matter what, at any given time I should have access to at least on of those…. if not, then there are some serious issues.

I also have a digital To Do list in conjunction with my calendars. That way, I can see what projects need to be done first and what’s coming after. I also have everything listed in my calendar for when they are due. Once something is completed, I mark it off on my To Do list, digital calendar, and a paper planner. When I get a new assignment it immediately goes into my To Do list in order of when they are needed or due. Then I put it in my digital calendar and paper planner. I know it takes a little more effort and time to put one project into 3 different systems/planners but this way I have everything backed up in something else. If my digital planner gets messed up, or my paper planner gets something spilled on it (my daughter has done this already) then I still have all the information and I don’t need to panic. Even though I use my digital calendar and paper planner for work related projects, I also put personal appointments in. I am less likely to forget something or double schedule my time this way. The only time I will double schedule is if it is something I can multi-task doing. Some assignments or projects I will not be able to multi-task doing.


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