Systems and Tools

If you have been living on the planet earth then you already know some of these, but bear with me. The most well know is Microsoft Office. With that you have Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Sway and OneNote. I use some (Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint) more then the others. They are all important to learn though. You never know which ones you will need to use. If I find it has been a while since I last used one, I like to open it and just start playing around or do a tutorial online for the system. It makes a good refresher. If you are given an assignment that you need one you are not that familiar with or its been awhile you don’t want to be late or scramble to remember as you do the assignment and waste time.

Usually there will be a calendar program that you will need as well. There are many options out there, but it all depends what the boss/client prefers to use. Its always a good idea to look up a few and just play around with them to get a feel for how they work.

There’s quite a few phone systems out there. It all depends on your boss/client and if you’re in-office or remote as to which one will be used. There is landline (single and multi line), cell phone and several VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of how a VoIP works.

Depending on what your doing for your boss or client you may also need a printer/scanner. If you’ve never used one, they are not that hard to learn. Usually they only have a few options to chose from to operate it. It only takes a minute to read the owners manual and you will have a very good grasp on operating it.

Bookkeeping is done by some Administrative Assistants. Intuit Quick Books, Fresh Books, Wave Accounting, Quicken and Less Accounting to name a few. They all work differently. If you have never used a Bookkeeping program, don’t fret. Just make sure you don’t miss lead your boss/client to thinking you have used any. They may be willing to train you, or get you to do a tutorial on how to use it.



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