My Tips

My advice as a Virtual Assistant. Stay organized. There is nothing worse then getting an assignment or task from your boss/client and not writing it down or keep track. Next thing you know its needed that day, its going to take hours to do it and you have no time. Personally, I have multiple lists and planners to keep track of everything. I always give myself plenty of time to get a project/assignment done. If I have nothing or finishing a current task, then I will start the next one the day I get it. The nice thing about working virtually is with a lot of jobs you can make your own hours. There are exceptions of course, but once you get hired or get your client you can have a conversation about working hours. A lot of bosses and clients don’t mind if you make your own hours, providing stuff gets done. I always tell my clients “I am available when you need me. I have everything connected to my phone, so if I’m needed at 6 a.m. and I have not had a chance to sit at my computer yet, I will still get the message or email.

My biggest tip is set aside family time and you time. One of the most important things to remember is you can sometimes get carried away with work when you work from home. It is very important to have work/life balance. I always have time set aside for family, and for myself. I have time set aside ever day to spend with the “Tiny Human” and the “Fur Baby”. We do crafts, play, bake, prepare dinner or clean together (she is a huge help). Unless I have a big project/assignment on the go, I stop working at a certain time to spend time together with my whole family. I also have date nights with Hubby, and Me time appointments. Date nights usually happen ever 4 weeks or so. My me time appointments are getting my nails done and hair appointments. I find both are very relaxing and love going to my appointments.

Multi-tasking is great. Because you work from home, you can multi-task between house work and work-work. I usually put a load of laundry on while I work, run the dishwasher, soak dishes and even work on a grocery list. There are some things that will be harder to multi-task, like washing the floor (although dry time is a great time to get some work done) cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. For the house hold chores that you can tackle while you work, it cuts down on the work load needed to be done around the house after work. Multi-tasking has saved me tons of time on multiple occasions.

When interviewing for a job, I know some say its o.k to embellish a bit. I think you should stick with the truth. It would be rather embarrassing if you “embellished a bit” during your interview, and now your boss/client is asking you to do something you have never done before, but said you have. Just don’t! Tell the truth. You never know, they still may want to hire you just for being an honest person and be willing to wait for you to learn what ever it is they need you to do, or offer to have someone go over it with you who has experience doing the required task.


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