Experience. You need it to get a lot of jobs, but you need that job to get experience. It’s a classic catch-22. So, where do you start? Well, a good place to start is something entry level. If this is your very first job, then start with something that will start giving you the desired skills employers are looking for. If you have worked before, but not in the field or industry your trying to make your career in, then you’re already started. Almost every job now helps you get your core desired skills.

Team work

Drive to learn and improve

Show up on time



Problem solving

Customer Service

These are your core desired skills. Potential employers want to see that you can effectively show you have all these skills. In trying to become a Virtual/Administrative Assistant start with General Admin. If you can get a General Admin job, then you can start moving up and learn new skills. If you want to get into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, then you may be able to start getting into Social Media Management which will help you learn SEO. You never know where your job will lead you. You may just make that stepping stone job your dream career.

It can be difficult when you’re in need of a job to make money, but try to be patient and apply, apply, apply! I know as well as anyone that sometimes you can’t wait for your dream job because you have bills to pay. Well, don’t wait until its to late to start applying to different jobs. You will get hired eventually. It may not be in your dream field or industry but you will give yourself more time to get that dream job without the pressure of having to find something “right now” to pay your rent or feed yourself.

Make sure you give yourself enough time.


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