Easy and Cheap Office Organization

There are a lot of easy DIY organizing ideas on the internet. These are some of my favorite ones.

Make your own dry erase board. Take a picture frame and put what ever back round paper you want inside. Instant dry erase board that will match any decor.

Paint an accent wall or part of the wall where your desk is with chalk board paint. You can keep track of anything and everything on there…including making a reusable calendar with washi tape.

Label your power cords. Wrap a small piece of tape around your cord near the wall plug. Make sure to leave enough tape on the ends to stick them together and have enough space to write what the cord is.

Pencil holder. Use empty, washed cans and your favorite colored or design craft paper to make your very own and stylish pencil holder. Attach multiple together so everything has its own space.

Office supply organizer. Purchase a plastic tool box with sliding drawers and decorate it any way you want. Leave the drawers clear so you can see what’s inside, or make your own labels with craft paper.

Paper and planner organization. Use binder clips and put washi tape or printed labels on them. Put the binder clip in your planner or corresponding paper in the clip and never lose track again.

Whether you try these or others you come across, you will have a beautiful and well organized office!


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