15 Travel Hacks

If you travel anywhere and for an reason, traveling hacks can always come in handy. So today I have a few travel hacks for you. I have found some of these very useful in the last few years.

If your taking any extra pairs of shoes with you, place them sole side down into a plastic shower cap. It will keep any dirt from getting into your suit case or on anything inside.

Don’t waste the space inside your shoes either. Roll extra socks and store them inside.

Roll your cloths to fit more in your suitcase. Sometimes traveling lighter is better, but if you need more sets of cloths then roll them. If you have outfits that will get worn together, roll them together. It saves room and time sorting through your suitcase to find every piece for that outfit.

Place plastic wrap or a small plastic sandwich bag over an opened bottle of liquid such as shampoo or conditioner. Screw the lid on and you now have an extra layer of protection from accidental spills.

Use a pill case to store any medications you may need on the plane or vehicle. You can also use a pill case to put your valuables in such as earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Keep a dryer sheet in your suitcase. It will keep your cloths smelling fresh and clean.

Have an empty Chap Stick tube? Don’t throw it away, roll up extra money and store it inside. You now have a hidden emergency fund.

Don’t want to take a full bottle of sunscreen with you? No problem. Melt a straw end closed. Fill the straw with your sun cream and melt the other end closed. Remember to leave a little room to be able to cut.

Use a pencil case or glasses case to store all your cords in your suitcase or carry-on.

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping while your away, pack a smaller suitcase inside a bigger one. Once you get there, you have instant space available.

Use an empty Tic Tac container for your bobby pins. Or as a toothbrush cover.

Simply refill your travel toothpaste tube. Put the two openings together and push the toothpaste into the travel tube. Another way to save room is fill an empty and washed out eye dropper bottle with toothpaste.

Tie a ribbon or colored string on your suitcase to make identifying your luggage a quick and easy task.

Use an empty pill bottle to store your Q-tips in while traveling.

A binder clip makes a great cover for your razor, and harder to lose then the little plastic cover.


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