What a VA can do and why its a great career

There are a lot of jobs in the World but being a VA for me is one of the best. Don’t get e wrong, I am sure there are others out there that say their job is the best but I love my job so for me being a VA is. You get to work from almost anywhere if you have a computer/tablet/phone and internet connection. For a lot of VA jobs, you can set your own schedule and only must work at certain times if something is based on a time zone or needed ASAP.

You can work in what ever you want to wear. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas if you don’t want to.  Have a virtual meeting? No problem, throw on a nice shirt, brush your hair and your good to go. For most VA jobs, you don’t even have to leave your house, so you don’t have to worry about walking or driving anywhere. For me its great because I have a dog who has separation anxiety. If no one is home with her she chews on stuff. Nothing major thankfully, but shoes (always mine) and stuff she see’s as hers. We are working on it, but while we do I don’t have to worry about being gone for extended periods of time (like for 8 hours a day with a quick stop home at lunch to let her out).

There are plenty of jobs that can be outsourced to a VA. You no longer must be “in the office” to do an Administrative Assistant job.

  • Documents can be entered or transferred into Microsoft or other systems
  • You can do Social Media Management
  • Calendar/Appointment Management
  • Customer Service/Client Support
  • Email Management
  • Website Management
  • Research
  • Take notes from a meeting virtually
  • Accounting
  • Travel Management


And many more. I can’t say that I have a number 1 favorite task because I love all aspects of this job. I love the freedom of working from home, doing non-repetitive work, helping customers and clients alike, creative problem solving (because most of the time it’s up to you) and a lot of times I can work when I want (depending what needs to be done of course) This job is not for everyone. You need to be able to work independently and productively. This job is not for everyone, you never know until you try though.


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