Work/Life Balance

I have been blessed with excellent scheduling skills, so for me having a work/life balance is easy. I schedule time for all sorts of things outside of work and unless there is something for work that absolutely can not wait; I stick to it. Every day I aim to be done at a certain time. The rest of the day is for my family and doing stuff with my tiny ones. The only times I deviate is if I am doing work that can be done anytime. Then I will stop for a bit in the morning or afternoon depending on the weather and play with my tiny ones. The other exception is if I am just not that busy. Then I will take advantage and do a craft, play outside, or play a game. It helps make up for the time when I am busy during the day and the tiny ones must wait till the end of the day when I am done.

I also make sure to schedule time for me. I do things such as date nights with Hubby, get my nails done and get my hair done. Hubby also sends me out once in awhile to do some shopping while he watches the tiny ones. Its usually stuff needed for the house like groceries, but once in awhile Hubby will send me out and tell me to get something for me.

Another way I make time for everything else is I schedule everything that needs to be done for work and when its due. I keep a very thorough record of what needs to be done for certain projects and when they need to be done by. Doing this and having great concentration and multi-tasking skills I can finish most things ahead of schedule. This opens time during my day as well that I can use to get stuff done around the house or more time for my family.

I also schedule certain chores for certain days. This breaks everything up and helps with the multi-tasking and making time for the family and life. There are a lot of things around the house you can multi-task doing. I also meal plan. This way I know what I am doing for meals and what needs to be ready or taken out. If you take the time to meal plan it gives you more time in the long run, and you can watch what your eating rather then just grabbing what ever is ready or available because you didn’t plan anything for that meal.

Finally, I try to stay as organized as I can with tiny ones running around. Staying organized and keeping what you need close by will cut down on your time busy. If your organized and know where stuff is then you know where to find it. You wont be hunting around trying to find what ever it is you need. I use this same rule on my computer and for paper documents. Everything has a place. I use separate folders on my desk top for different things, and paper documents have their own folder according to what its for.

I hope this will helpe you get a little more work/life balance in your life.


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