Tips for an Interview

I have been putting together a list of tips for interviews and making them easier.


First, I know it may sound funny, but even if you are having a phone interview, dress for the part. Dressing as if you are physically going to an interview will help you stay professional. It will help you act for the part. The saying is very true. “Dress for the part you want.” Every interview I have done either phone, video or in person I always dress as if I am going to the meeting in person and it really helps me stay on point and professional.


Next, have a list of skills and systems you have used.  I am guilty of not having one of these at one time or another, and I find it really helps with my interview if I have the list ready and accessible. It will come up and it makes it far more helpful to already have the list done. You can either read off the skills and systems you have experience with, you can add it in your cover letter or resume, or you can email it to your potential employer if they’d like the complete list.


If you have more then one interview or meeting in one day, always schedule to give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B, or to go from one to another. You never know what may come up or what interferences you may have to deal with. I like to give myself at least a 30-minute buffer. So, say I have 2 interviews scheduled and its just a basic interview with no testing or anything to verify my skills. I will schedule the meeting to last usually 30-minutes, then I will give myself a 30-minute buffer between then schedule the next one. Keep in mind that if you are physically going to an interview you will need to give yourself time to get from one place to another as well.


Be early! No matter how my interview or meeting is taking place, I am always ready to get at least 15 minutes early. There is nothing worse then being ready or there “on time” only to find out you have kept them waiting because they where actually ready to go earlier then the time scheduled.


I hope these tips will help with your next interview.


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